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Those are forbidden words right.. They are pure evil!!! Keep them away!!!!

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(Picture is copywritten by Amy Jane Sandberg)

I know I have had real issues with them? Have you?? I hate the scale unless it brings good news.. I try and try and its so hard to get the results I want… How you do weigh yourself? Do you do it naked to get the best result or fully dressed so you think if its high you can take off a few lbs due to clothes? Honestly I often forget to weigh in… I don’t do it on purpose but I wake up the dog wants out then the cat wants to eat then I get dressed go get some coffee and and get to work. By the time I realize it the day has gone and I think… Well now its way too late to weigh in.. I’ll just do it tomorrow… But that tomorrow ends up being a week later… But I get accused of not wanting to see how I am doing? Of course I care.. I have not cut out most sweets and am not walking and not pushing myself for nothing… How many of you go through this?

Now Mirrors…. I’ve perfected putting on make up with out them, and I do so much to avoid looking in them.. I hated how I looked I didn’t want to see what people may see. I am happy with who I am inside… I didn’t care about the outside package.. If you don’t like me for me then screw you… Right!!! Anyone with me there??? Or am I the only one who has thought this..

The other day I had to got to the Dr. And guess what, he did the unimaginable… He weighed me…. Gosh darn him… LOL… But good news I’ve lost 7 lbs since October… I know not much at all… >.< I like carbs…. But I am a lot more active since I got my fit bit, since I moved, and now I’m eating better too… so I’m guessing I built up muscle and now I’m to the loosing weight part of my journey.. To my surprise too I accidentally looked in the mirror across from my shower and saw myself naked.. Of all things… EEKK GADS!!! But…. I didn’t hate the image I saw… I could see a difference, and I saw I have a lot to offer my husband one day… (That’s a topic for another day)

I am beautiful, so what if I have added baggage… I am pretty inside and out… Those people who can’t see beyond the baggage are not worth your feelings.. They dis your outward appearance because they are jealous of your beautiful inside…

I know I started this blog years ago and I haven’t kept up with it as much as I should.. I have 2 other main blogs, books in progress and a life… But I care very much about loosing weight and I am taking this full force now.. I am done being fat… (Oh No I said the forbidden F word!!!)

I read a book called “You are Amazing” By Holley Gareth published by Hallmark. It really changed my outlook on things. I don’t hate who I am, as I used to constantly struggle with.. I have embraced who I am… My good and bad.. I used my weight to keep people away, It was my shield so to speak… And Food was the the only thing I used to have full control over… Well that has now changed… I am making better choices and pushing myself more..

One more thing, Drinking water really helps…. It keeps you hydrated, keeps you energized, and helps keep you full… You know you can go days with out food but your body needs water… Don’t drain your body because you don’t like the taste.. Try bottled water. I liked Nestle, or Try flavored water drinks, Chrystel light, and teas… It really makes a difference…

Don’t be afraid to get on your scale, if you are short of time make time.. So you can see your efforts are paying off… And go buy yourself a beautiful Mirror… They come in so many designs… You are beautiful and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of seeing the same thing others see..

~All My love,
ི♥ྀ Amy Jane ི♥ྀ

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