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I was going to a dance and I wore a very sexy yet elegant red dress, with lace and there was a man,  I liked in the dream, who keep trying to sneak a peak. \ I was in utter shock the dress fit me!  (In my dream)  When I woke up I was depressed at my weight and not seeing any progress yet, I reluctantly got on the scale but low and behold to my surprise I had lost 2lbs!! Finally!! It has taken me about 2.5 weeks to loose more then a 1lb then I gain it back, and I have been so bloated.. To much salt, not enough watter..

I am so happy!!! 28lbs to to got for the wedding goal…  I have to be Karly after all ;p  (Just teasing Karlin, wouldn’t want to look better then the Bride. However I do want to look good!)

My sister who is where I want to be looks beautiful. I know I can do it and will look great too.. 30lbs doesn’t sound like much but it makes a difference!

~Have a great weekend and week! God bless you!

~Amy Jane

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