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Thanks to my Sister  Amanda  and Her husband Kevin I am on my second pair  of Keens for my birthday…  http://www.zappos.com/keen-alamosa-wp-gargoyle-ceramic The 4×4 of shoes… after my last pair  was worn out  I was wary..  And at first they didn’t fit me well.. It took me a good moth to break this pair in..    It has now become the pair I ware most the time   now…  It is more durable then the tennis shoes at  Wal-Mart.  And I’m not going to spend $ 100.00 on shoes I will barely ware… Besides how long it took to break them in, I really dislike the shoe laces… They are constantly coming undone, even with furor double knots… I will not be buying another pair.  When I can buy two pairs for the price of one..


I am still with the Amazing boyfriend of mine… I love him more every day!! What a gift from God He is, and Such a support.. I can’t wait to spend time with him on a daily basis…   He still inspires me to reach my goal and tells me he loves me and I’m pretty as I am…     *Blush*

I started   playing  Wii Fit Plus.. And I am eating better, less portions.. I’m losing weight every week.. This week I lost 1 and half pounds!!   If I can keep this up I can totally  reach my goal of losing 30 pounds by my birthday!!! Which is April 1st..
Last week my parents came over and  I made Cabbage Soup with :  2 Cans  of Beef Broth, A small head of Cabbage, A can of sliced Carrots,  fresh chopped  Carrots,  A whole  yellow Onion, and a can of corn.. With I served    pork chops soaked overnight in Teriyaki Sauce with a touch of four cheese tortilla chips…  It was good… My dad had two helpings and there was plenty left over…   It made us bloat, but you can take tums or something, or drink 7up like I did to help relieve myself….   Anyways ~ We all dropped a pound right away!    Too bad I pigged out on sweets the next few days, but I still managed to loose and Not gain any!!
I know I can do this.. I just need to keep at it…  I won’t let life mess me up again…  I would like to look into a health club not too far from here, see how much it will cost, see if I can get my medical insurance to cover for it… It would be so awesome!  I just don’t know if I can… Please pray if this is what God wants me to do it all works out!     Till then~ Work, Chores, My family, and Lily Belle, my Soon to be 1 year old Great Dane, and 3 cats keep me very busy and a lot more active…

I think that is all for now.. Please feel free to share recipes,  what works for you, Prayers, and Bits of encouragement!!

╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯ Amy  Jane ╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯

           Ps. I am so sorry I had vanished a second time..  Now I have my place, my office set up and a somewhat set schedule – I’ll be around much more, God willing…

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