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I’ve turned Keto

Hello again,

It feels like forever since I last wrote you. I didn’t wanna post till I had good news. I’ve tried so many different things, especially in the past  year… My weight would drop then it would come back… I weighed more  then when I first started back in September 2014. I was angry and frustrated at myself and at God nothing I did was working. I was Exercising eating right.. I would loose a couple pounds then and gain them back over and over again…. Arg But in  September I had made up my mind I had had it. I would do whatever it took to loose weight. I  eat smaller meals cut out sugar, and I  drank more water. Just like I  had before for my sister’s wedding in November 2013.  Which worked I started loosing weight. I dropped about 3lbs in three weeks.

I discovered Keto on October thanks to my Mom.  Here is an image of the book all about it.IMG_20141001_105916

It really works! I am not trying to sell you. It really works…. I know this because… My mom was having some serious health issues.. I was scary… Her heart was irregular, her blood sugar was high among other things.  Thus she went to the Doctors where they They ran many tests and even sent hr to a heart specialist. She had to wear a heart monitor. She asked them about Keto but they told her not to change her diet…. Well he being the stubborn woman that she is decided to change her diet anyways. She was gonna eat and drink  Keto for a week . They had all the tests done, so after a week when they will run them again she will see if Keto would make a difference. If it didn’t no harm done. But it would be awesome if it did…. Well…. No lie…. After a week all her tests came back positive and her heart was acting normal again. O.o   For real I am not joking…   There was so much wrong before but now…. She had a clean bill of health.. They asked her  how could it be So she fessed up to the Keto challenge… Honestly it sounds like some sales pitch I know… But had I was with her and saw the proof with my own eyes.

She challenged me to change my diet.  I figured if it worked for her it would work for me….. So I went on the challenge with her. Its been about 4 weeks I have lost a total of 12lbs. I am almost down a size… I am so happy with the results… And you can eat just about everything. I am so excites to have something finally working and keeping it off… It is an answered prayer….

What is Eating keto? Well its cutting out carbs and Sugar… But Eating more fatty foods.. You are training your body to burn fat not carbs and sugar.. And  It works.. You can eat just about everything you would before.. Just no carbs or Sugar.. I use sweet in low instead.. Which  honestly I used anyways… The no carbs part has been the hardest for me.. And I found he more carbs I eat the more sugar and sweet things I want… When I am full Keto I don’t crave carbs and sugar, however I do crave bacon, spicy food, and cheese. I do eat vegetables and I still drink my coffee… I ca no stand black coffee I think creamer enhances the flavor… I use heavy whipping cream and Sweet and Low in my coffee now instead f those  sweet creamers I adore… And The cool thing is the more fat is in something the better it tastes… I can still eat out I am just more picky what I order… Something my family and friends would say hasn’t changed about me. lol I am happier  and sleeping better too… Honestly it took a week to get acclimated  to eating Keto but I can tell a difference. It takes will power but it is worth it! I Didn’t exercise more either… If you don’t know I broke my foot in October so I have been not walking much at all…

Here are some Images of what my meals look like:






                                                Love ya♥

                                                                  Amy Jane

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